About Lena

I come from a very large, blended family. Growing up as a Pastor’s Kid, I always knew that Jesus was real. I had the blessing of watching Him work through the hands and words of my Dad.

Just because we are Christians, doesn’t mean life is easy. I had my share of childhood trauma as my Mom battled mental illness, all while caring for my Father, who was crippled with arthritis. Not to mention she was raising my siblings and I as well as running our family business.

The tribulation and trials continue throughout my life, however, one thing remains the same. 

Jesus is, has been, and will always be, my Anchor of Hope.

About the book

I have always written from a place of pain, struggle, difficulty or trials, knowing that one day the very words I scribe will bring healing to my soul. Hopefully, my words also bring you healing as well.

As I was journaling years ago, I thought, “Hey, these entries and blog posts would make a wonderful book one day.” Here I am, some twenty years later, holding my book, Anchored Hope.

Anchored Hope is a unique book, one of its kind. It was created as a Memoir Devotional. Every story is based around a life event.As I walked through some of the darkest days of my life, I know that there was only one way to make it onto the other side. That is, through holding on to The only Anchor that I have known my entire life, Jesus.

My prayer is that the words in my book truly bring a message of hope to you, on whatever path you are traveling on.